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Yearly Licensing Agreements – LMS and Downloadable Media integrations – Safety Videos by Charlie Morecraft

LMS and Downloadable Media integrations – Yearly Licensing Agreements – Safety Videos by Keynote Safety Speaker Charlie Morecraft

What are LMS Yearly Licensing Agreements? These licensing options are designed for companies looking to integrate Charlie’s videos into their own LMS systems. Videos are licensed for the desired term and delivered to you via downloadable media and/or ready for LMS (Learning management system) integration. For more information on these digital safety programs please contact us Available Videos for Licensing …

LMS License Agreement – Remember Charlie and Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility now available for integration with Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems – Safety Video Integrations

LMS License Agreement – Remember Charlie and Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility now available for integration with Learning Management Systems You can now integrate our best seller videos, such as “Remember Charlie” and “Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility” with your own Learning Management System (LMS). It’s simple to get started: Select the desired licensing term; Select the desired title – namely, Remember Charlie – the …