Live Webinar with Charlie Morecraft

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Charlie’s message reaches and touches people at all levels in an organization from blue-collar workers to the CEO and President. It is a universal message. Each presentation follows a Q&A with the audience participation. Charlie can also tailor the message to address specific safety concerns or issues reinforcing the safety culture.

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Remember Charlie Webinar

Charlie’s journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world’s leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.

Proceed to registration and payment. Our staff will contact you to finalize the booking once the order has been received. Webinar requires at least 2 weeks’ notice.

A Highly Motivational Safety Presentation!

  • Guarantee Reduction in Accident Rate
  • Moving audiences to new levels of awareness
  • Charlie has that rare and unique ability to speak with ordinary words and conjure extraordinary images.

Once you have seen Charlie, you will ask him to return.

Award-winning 1-Hour webinar with proven accident reduction ratio of 65%!

*Price includes up to 150 participants. An incremental fee of $500 applies per 150 increments in the number of attendees.

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41 reviews for Live Webinar with Charlie Morecraft

  1. D. Owings

    Thanks Charlie! Over the years, you’ve been a big part of our safety program. Your message is very powerful and you turn people into believers. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Jeff Mcd.

    Just saw Charlie deliver his message this morning to us in Halifax (Air Canada). Thanks again for coming. I believe what you had to say had a real impact with me and my fellow employees and it will stick with us while on the job. All the best! Thank you!

  3. R. Moore

    Had the very great pleasure of hearing is Charlie speak today. It was very moving. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, I highly recommend it!

  4. Bill S.

    Great to see Charlie is out there making a difference.

  5. Frank O.

    I had the pleasure of meeting him in San Diego. What a inspiration.

  6. Harrinson

    Atlanta was 2nd time I heard your story. Very powerful and very inspiring. Makes me take a second look at how I do my job. Thank you and God Bless!

  7. Buddy W.

    Striking safety presentation. Recommend …

  8. Russ H.

    The most inspirational speaker on work place safety I have ever heard.

  9. Gene B. – Safety Coordinator – Mobil Oil, Beaumont TX

    We had a 67% drop in our accident rate over last year …

  10. Lawrence M. Executive – St. Laurent Paperboard

    Charlie’s presentation was the single most important thing we have done for safety

  11. Tennessee Valley Authority – TVA

    One fellow stood up from the audience and said, “Charlie, I saw you 15 years ago, and you have been keeping me safe ever since….

  12. R. Guillory

    Extremely great speaker!!!

  13. Donald F.

    Well hello Charlie Morecraft. I first met you back in the mid 1980s as you were a guest speaker at a UAW-Ford Safety Conference. You are an amazing guy. Stay Well, Stay Safe !

  14. Rochon R

    I heard Charlie twice. If you can, hear his story.

  15. Paul M.

    I have seen his safety presentation several times, it has made believers out of many thousands of people!!!

  16. Bram

    Charlies presentations and books are truly inspiring!!!

  17. Ken Jones

    Don’t forget Charlie

  18. Rudy G

    Great speaker, actual accident that happened to because of not caring about safety. Hell of a lesson learned

  19. Ken G.

    Saw him in person at Boeing Winnipeg. Very good talker.

  20. Robert R.

    Have seen him in person several times. Compelling and gut wrenching. You will think about safety differently after his presentation.

  21. Lisa T.

    Charlie gave a powerful presentation at our university today! Incredible testimony to the importance of creating a safety culture in any workplace…and then living it daily. Thank you Charlie for sharing your story with all of us at Notre Dame!

  22. Gurr W.

    Charlie was incredible! I will always remember his presentation.

  23. Manny P. – United States Navy

    Absolutely the best safety speaker I’ve ever heard! He has really driven the importance of everyday safety practices and the effects of making the wrong safety choices… My Sailors will never forget the day they heard Charlie speak. Thanks Charlie!

  24. Robert P. – Home Builders Institute

    Remember Charlie was by far the most moving and engaging motivational speech I have ever heard. As Charlie tells his story it brings your level of awareness to new heights. In the climax of his presentation in a room filled with hundreds of people you could hear a pin drop. Thanks, Charlie, for taking the time to educate us about the importance of SAFETY.

  25. John A. G., Health and Safety – Take & Lyle

    Charlie Morecraft’s message is powerful! His greatest gift is that he can reach employees and get them to see the importance of accepting responsibility for their own safety.

  26. Chris C.

    Very Very Powerful!

  27. Thomas C.

    An inspiring presentation!

  28. Aaron A.

    Awesome Charlie I will never forget your talks. Keep up the good work mate.

  29. Gerald S.

    Contracted Charlie to present to Lloydminster CSSE symposium and with presentations to workers in the area around 1995. He had an impactful message that has resonated with me for the last 25 yrs. had one on one luncheons with Charlie which impacted the passion for safety in my life. Good to see you still going strong for safety Charlie.

  30. Bob T.

    A great investment of an hour as it will change you in a positive manner for the rest of your life. Impressive!!!

  31. Freddy Harmon – Applied Technical Services

    I had the pleasure of hearing Charlie speak at the CB&I / 9 mile point construction job in Louisiana. Has Charlie told his story all eyes were focused completely on him. The man who was honest enough to admit that he did not take safety seriously. A man who has dedicated his life to trying to teach others how not to make the mistakes that he has made. He said he would do anything to go back to that day before his accident knowing what he knows now. The lesson I take from this is to take safety seriously now. I have my family, my job, and my health and if IM honest, a very good life. I think Charlie so much for coming to remind everyone of how easily an accident can change your life permanently.


    When Charlie began his message he could just as easily have been talking about me. The moronic things I’ve done in 36+ yrs…. . Well it made me ashamed of my selfish actions. Its easy to forget the impact an accident can have on family and friends and I’m embarrassed, but so very thankful I saw Charlies testimony before it was too late although i think we’re missing something if we think his message is only about safety. I believe its about taking responsibility for everything in our lives and because of it will surely make us all better human beings. May god bless you Charlie the rest of your days for having the guts to tell your story and in doing so saving countless people from needless suffering.

  33. Gary – Akzo Nobel

    After hearing Charlie’s presentation and seeing his scars from rolling up his sleeves, I realized how unsafe that really is.

  34. Corey B – Twisty Treats Ice Cream

    I have heard about you for many years and had the incredible opportunity to see both your presentations and meet you at the NSC in Orlando. I own some Twisty Treats Ice Cream in the area and for my stores one year anniversary I hired a DJ to play on the roof for all the kids. This was right after I heard your story so I went out and purchased harnesses to keep the DJ crew secure which to be honest I hadn’t even thought of! Thank you for putting safety everywhere because that’s where it truly belongs.

  35. Robert Ponzo – Home Builders Institute

    Remember Charlie” Was by far the most moving and engaging motivational speech I have ever heard. As Charlie tells his story it brings your level of awareness to new heights. In the climax of his presentation in a room filled with hundreds of people you could hear a pin drop. Thanks Charlie for taking the time to educate us about the importance of SAFETY.

  36. Commanding Safety Officer A. McCracken – Department Of The Navy

    Dear Mr. Morecraft, This summer, the USS Carl Vinson realized some poignant milestones: Reactor Complex Overhaul completion, Sea Trials, and Flight Deck Certification. These things would not have been possible without your dedication to industrial safety and your willingness to share that devotion with our crew. Your message had a resounding effect on the crew and significantly contributed to their overall safety while in the Newport News Shipyard. I would like to express my appreciation and after over 40 months in the shipyard environment, the crew and the ship were more than ready to go to sea and excelled at each and every test and certification evolution. ‘Honor, courage and commitment’ isn’t just a slogan to this phenomenal crew. Thank you for your support. I earnestly believe that your interaction with the crew dramatically improved the safety climate and allowed the command to establish the benchmark safety record for a comprehensive carrier overhaul. Consider yourself a friend of the USS CARL VINSON.

  37. Mark Brothers – Parsons

    Since Charlie’s appearance here some six months ago we have managed to improve on our safety performance during a very critical time, closure. Our employees are self-performing various decontamination and demolition tasks in a very rare setting, a VX Chemical Neutralization Facility. Charlie spoke to our group of over 500 employees just a few days before our closure tasks began. His message was heard and the employees have responded. We are not only maintaining the lowest incident rate compared to the four other facilities that are working with VX Chemical, at this time we have actually lowered it!

  38. Gene Barnes – Safety Coordinator – Mobil Oil, Beaumont TX

    We had a 67% drop in our accident rate over last year …

  39. NSC Labor Division leadership and Sloane Grubb

    Dear Mr. Morecraft, On behalf of the Labor Division of the National Safety Council and Rick Irwin, Division Chair, along with the entire division leadership and members, we would like to thank you for your participation and keynote presentation during the closing session of our recent Division meeting in Orlando, Florida. Your heartfelt, poignant and personal story to our members was well received and greatly appreciated. The labor Division serves as a continuing forum for the development and maintenance of sustained interest and activity in supporting safety for all workers and their families. It also serves as a medium for exchange of information, and for group planning within the Organized Labor, Health and Safety movement to be shared with the general public. Again, thank you for the generous donation of your time, efforts and resources; your participation in the Labor Division meeting was crucial in assisting our members and attendees in the pursuit of safety.

  40. Ross K

    I was fortunate enough to see Charlie present in person at an SC&RA convention in 2008, I’ve never seen a room full of people quiet as a mouse. His story has stayed with me ever since and I am proud to say that I built a company that is based on safety. Each and every day we strive to be the safest by everything that we do and provide for our team. I would recommend this to any person or organization as it will stick to you for life.

  41. John B.

    Use this a number of years ago as part of a management change programme was well received also generated great discussions.

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