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Our Best Seller! “Remember Charlie” has been viewed by the millions and turns out to be one of the most acclaimed safety motivational video in the world. A MUST for any company looking to drop accident-ratio while changing people’s attitudes towards safety forever. Great for safety meetings, safety orientation, safety events and on-going safety training. Remember Charlie is available on its original 56-minutes length (best seller) or in a slightly edited 43-min version.

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Charlie’s story has become a phenomenon in the OHS world. AVAILABLE IN 50+ LANGUAGES!

Charlie’s journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world’s leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.


The shortcut he took from standard procedures resulted in Charlie being burned over 50% of his body, five years in hospital, the loss of his family, the loss of everything he treasured. Not just a title but a call to action, Remember Charlie captures the audience with a common language (“Accidents don’t happen to me. Accidents happen to someone else.”) With the audience on the edge of their seats, Charlie drives home the importance of following safety procedures.

Everyone wakes-up to the high cost of an accident not only to themselves but to their family. Seldom are people confronted by the real consequences of abuse in safety practices. If you and your employees “Remember Charlie”, you’ll remember to follow safety procedures.

Charlie is a dynamic speaker who touches an audience through his autobiographical story, emphasizes taking responsibility for one’s actions and one’s safety. Standard training meetings, videos, and seminars demonstrate how to follow safety procedures. Charlie Morecraft tells you why you should. PS.: All “Remember Charlie” languages that are spoken are available with English Subtitles Upon Request.

One minor first-aid could cost you tens of thousands of dollars such as medical expenses, visits to infirmary, insurance raises, loss of productivity, potential OSHA penalties, attorney fees, production downtime. Remember Charlie’s video has a proven accident reduction ratio of 65%!!! Avoid potential accidents buy purchasing this powerful video, on-sale for a limited time.

Remember Charlie is available on its original 56-minutes length (best seller) or in a slightly edited 43-min version.

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34 reviews for REMEMBER CHARLIE

  1. R. Stevens

    At the end of the day, that is all that matters. God Bless you all for the work you are doing; for it is my belief as a safety professional that we are doing his work by keeping those we love together…

  2. Nicole

    Hi Charlie. I have seen your video at a couple different refineries I have worked at. I am a pipefitter welder by trade so I work in refineries, powerplants and steel mills across Canada. Your story is touching … and the best reminder of how important safety is. Take care.

  3. Will D.

    I first saw your video in 98′ while working for the railroad. The tape was so powerful I asked if I could keep it to show my friends and family. After almost 15 years on the railroad and Fire Department I still have yet to see a more hard hitting video on the importance of safety in the workplace then your video (and I have seen PLENTY!). Any time I hesitate to put on safety glasses or cut a corner to bypass a safety rule, I stop and think of you and your message. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for caring. I truly believe you have prevented many injuries and even saved lives. Mine included.

  4. K Kraft.

    After watching a video of what happened to you it makes me think a lot about safety … Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Victoria

    Very many years ago (about 17 years ago) I was an administration trainee with Exxon, at their plant in Mossmorran Scotland. During that time I was shown your video as part of a ‘Safety Culture Workshop’. After that, I was passionate enough to remain with our HSE team until the end of my apprentice-ship (because I was so passionate about the subject. Following that, I had a few jobs in the administration of Health and Safety with major companies on serious projects. My gripe has always been that so many people consider safety to be a hassle; gets in the way; holds them up; anyone who works in H&S is a bother and a nark. I have watched the video, and just watching it, and knowing what it entails makes me cry. I admit, having bought your book, it has been sitting on a shelf for months – it will be read on a coach-trip this weekend though.

  6. Gerald M.

    I am encouraging people to document their best and safest known methods and incorporate them into their standard procedures with the help of their engineers and managers. I am teaching people how to stop ‘doing it like they’ve always done it’, make changes that keep productivity and also eliminate the hazards that could affect the quality of their lives. Charlie has inspired me to do this for over 10 years. I owe a lot to his motivation and philosophy. I’ve even made safety my career and just now at 56 years old, achieved Certified Safety Professional – thanks Charlie!

  7. Wilson

    Saw his original video. Stirring. Use it at all presentations

  8. Warren B.

    I do crane Operator Training and always show “Remember Charlie” at the beginning of class and always get positive feedback.

  9. R. Hall

    I seen Charlie’s video story when I was on a project at the BHP diamond mine in NWT Canada. Great safety presentation.

  10. Wade B – LyondellBasell

    Charlie’s story is simply amazing. I had the pleasure of watching it today in a safety class and it has changed my outlook on safety forever. To any employer looking to buy this video, do it. If it change’s one employee’s mindset as it did with me, its more than paid for itself. Keep up the work Charlie!

  11. David Lee

    A must watch for anybody thinking of taking a few short cuts at work

  12. Q. Nellie

    I heard your story in 2007, when I started working as a Security guard at the Chevron oil refinery and I never forgot it and never will. I just wanted to tell you that I thank God he spared your life. You are a great inspiration, I share your testimony till this day. My prayers are and always will forever be with you. God Bless you Charlie!

  13. Beth M – CKJV

    I watched Remember Charlie today and it moved me to tears. I work in HSSE and yet we can still be complacent within out “comfort” zones at work. I think at times we all forget that its not only our bodies that suffer when an accident effects us, it also effects our Co-Workers, Friends and Loved Ones. Charlie, you are an inspiration to us all and a real reminder on the importance of Safety. I thank you for being brave and sharing your story with me and the world.

  14. Jeffrey H.

    I viewed him on safety vid at work. He went thru literally hell being burned doing he job tasks without thinking.

  15. Pamela A. – The Sherwin Williams

    I have been a Safety Manager for more years than I care to count. In this capacity, I couldn’t tell you how many safety videos I have presented to various groups. But, I have never had a video touch people that way your story does. It is a very powerful message delivered with bulls-eye accuracy. I am the safety manager for a glass manufacturing facility with seasoned United Steel Workers. They are usually a rowdy bunch to reach via any medium. I was surprised at what an impression you had on them. Several “hardcore” types come up to me after the meeting and told me how they saw themselves in you. Thanks for sharing your story!

  16. Victoria F

    Most influential film I have ever seen.

  17. Keith M. – Skanska

    I watched Remember Charlie about an hour ago. The power of his story, and the conviction in his presentation made me re-evaluate my perspective on safety at work, and at home. I hope he reads this, and gets satisfaction in knowing this blue collar guy will remember and use this video for years to come as an inspiration to myself, my family and anyone who will watch it!

  18. D. Hayes

    His training has help me and many many more

  19. Tim Morton

    Seen that video many times, it made a difference in the way I did my job working in the refineries

  20. Diane D.

    One of the BEST safety training videos I’ve ever seen and used when training my employees.

  21. M. Duffy

    Charlie’s story and lessons have stayed with me for years!

  22. S Spencer – TIC

    I saw the Remember Charlie video for the first time today at a supplemental safety training for Chevron. Charlie’s story had my eyes and ears riveted to the screen. Never before have I been fully engaged by a “safety story.” I was drawn in by the passion, by the full personal and relatable way Charlie told his story. The images, the feeling, he painted will stay with me for a very long time, and I’ll be sure to “remember Charlie” the next time I think it won’t matter if I remove my glasses or gloves or think the FRC jumps suits or protective “bunny-suits” look goofy on me!

  23. Dennis S.

    If you really want a eye opener to safety in any work place you need to watch this persons video if ever possible.

  24. Andy R.

    If you are in the safety business and have never seen Remember Charlie then you are really missing out, this is really a must see for everyone….. not just safety people!! I first seen a video how long ago and I was truly lucky to actually meet and listen to Charlie at a safety event on the Qatar Shell GTL Pearl Project during construction back in 2008/9 I think it was and he was as highly motivational then as I seen on the video in the early 90s 🙂 if you get the opportunity people make sure you have a look its the best true story regarding safety in my lifetime.

  25. Cindy S. – Palram Americas

    Our entire company is required to watch this video. It is safety week here at Palram. This company always states SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE. After watching this video I think we all understand the importance of safety not only at the work place but in everyday life. Charlie is truly inspirational. This is a video that I feel has not only changed my life but many others. Fantastic job and I truly thank you for sharing!

  26. Ricky

    I saw your video over 20 years ago and can still remember how your accident happened. Stories are the things that people can remember best of all and hopefully make a change because of stories. Thanks again.

  27. Larissa

    Hi Charlie! How are you doing? You don’t know me, but I know your story and been telling people for about 15 years! Very pleased about that.

  28. Ivan C.

    Just saw your safety video again at my jobs safety training class and it still blows me away … Thank you for your story

  29. Bill Benton – Manning Trucking

    As a Police Officer and Paramedic I always took safety seriously. Then I had the opportunity to watch “Remember Charlie” when I became a fuel hauler. The film was required viewing in order to receive your loading card at the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula Ms. From the very first moment after hearing Charlies testimony I took an introspective look at myself and decided right then that I wanted a carrier in safety to spread the message that we ALL needed to come home safely every time. No Speech, No film, No academy I attended ever drove the point home to me as did watching Charlies film and hearing his testimony. That was in the very early 2000’s. Thank You Charlie, I now speak about you often in my training classes. God Speed!

  30. Gus Oliver – Horizon Well Logging LLC

    As a contractor for one of the major oil companies, we had to attend their company’s 8 hour safety training in addition to the training we already had. I did not look forward to it but was blown away with the Remember Charlie video. Although all of the training was great, your video alone was well worth it. I will never again feel awkward about following safety rules nor will I be silent when I see others who carelessly or willfully endanger themselves or others. You have no doubt saved lives and prevented many injuries. You were not a hero for what you did that led up to the accident but you have become one by taking responsibility for your actions and your life and then telling it so others can avoid the hell you experienced. Thanks Charlie for telling your story in such a powerful way.

  31. Roland Simons, CSP

    Charlie: I have been a Safety Manager for more years than I care to count. In this capacity, I couldn’t tell you how many safety videos I have presented to various groups. But, I have never had a video touch people that way your story does. It is a very powerful message delivered with bulls-eye accuracy. I am the safety manager for a glass manufacturing facility with seasoned United Steel Workers. They are usually a rowdy bunch to reach via any medium. I was surprised at what an impression you had on them. Several “hardcore” types come up to me after the meeting and told me how they saw themselves in you. Thanks for sharing your story!

  32. James W

    I was shown your video, I guess, about 15 years ago. Still sticks with me. Such a powerful story and of course the aftermath at home is a big of the picture that people tend to neglect when talking about injuries at work. Thanks for being courageous enough to live though it and share your story.

  33. Pete M.

    One of the best presentations I have attended. Charlie provides a message that each of us needs hear.

  34. Frank W.

    I remember seeing the Remember Charlie videos very early in my career and it was very eye opening, well told and reaching into some places that most people do not associate with a workplace accident.

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